Mittwoch, 29. November 2017

Ingrids Auswahl - Ingrids Poetry (11)

Our Enemy by Ingrid S. Skibbe

The most beautiful words stay unspoken
The sweetest of Feelings unstirred.
A touch lifting a spirit that’s broken
By a glance or a kind loving word.
And so often a small ray of sunshine
Scatter darkness and gloom from a heart.
But! The traitors called pride, fear and worry
Are the warriors that keep us apart.

Children of the Promise - by Ingrid S. Skibbe

We the children of the promise
Or this earth as stranger’s roam.
Children scattered through all nations
Once again are gathered home.
Home where loving arms are waiting
Home where peace will grace each day.
Home where pain and tears and sorrow
Never find a place to stay.
Banished there are death and sin
Banished there all earthly grieve.
For the Father in his mercy
Fills each heart with sweet relief.
Happy hours of joy and singing
As we enter through the gate
Come ye children of the promise
Come, oh come don’t hesitate.
Join the ranks, lift loud your voices,
Thank him, praise him and adore
He our shield, our guide, our saviour.
He our King for evermore.

The Dove - by Ingrid S. Skibbe

Through the open window
Drifts the cooing of a dove.
Bringing thoughts of yesterday
Memories of love.
Moments filled with sweetest peace
Memories of a song
We once sang together
Oh! it’s been so long.
Tunes that told of one
Who walked in Galilee
Childlike voices mingled
In sweet harmony.
Through the open window
Drifts the cooing of a dove
Bringing thoughts of yester day
Memories of love.

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