Montag, 22. Oktober 2018

ingrids Auswahl - Ingrids Poetry (50)


A translation of Friedrich Schillers Ode an die Freude.

Joy, eternal flame of heaven,

Gift from holy spheres divine.

Fill with rapture all who enter

Through the portals of thy shrine.

Thy sweet magic binds forever

All that fashions would divide.

Ev'ry man becomes a brother,

Where thy gentle wings abide.

Thy embrace holds fast all nations;

Blesses men with peace and love -

For a loving God and Father

Reigns o'er starry shores above.

Joy that magic quill has written,

Laws all nature will abide.

Joy's eternal wheels are turning

Where the planets orbits fly.

Blossoms from the bud you summon;

Sun's will set in endless space.

Vast creations - new beginnings,

Far beyond the wise man's gaze.

Joy, the ever-ruling reason,

Throughout heavens glorious plan.

Hasten brothers, do not linger,

Victory to every man.

Courage bring in times of sorrow -

Help where innocence will weep;

Strength for battles of tomorrow,

From thy fountains pure and deep.

Has sweet fortune smiled upon you,

Just to call one soul your friend?

Then, oh brother - thank your Maker,

Praise Him to your journeys end.

Fill the ranks - march forth to battle,

With a will that's firm and brave.

Shout His name - sweet thoughts of Joy -

Ingrids Nugget

Jesus Christ alone will save.

Jesus Christ alone will save.

Mittwoch, 17. Oktober 2018

Ingrids Auswahl - Ingrids Poetry (49)


See the great crowds as they throng their way
Through the villages bordering the sea.
People came out, to see, to hear
                                              This stranger from Galilee.
He walks tall midst the crowd, this wondrous man,
His eyes filled with wisdom and love.
Speaks words that teach in simple ways;
The will of his Father above.
By the thousands they gather from near and far;
Gather close round his knees on the ground,
Where with outstretched arms He boldly declares
The Sermon on the Mount.

                            The lepers are healed, the blind made to see;
                             The young man's body from spirits set free. 
From the narrow lanes you can hear them cry,
"Jesus from Nazareth just walked by."
The meme and sick to Him they bring,
As they call Him, "Rabbani, Prophet, King."
To see His hands with their wondrous touch;
The hands that would heal and do so much.
As their burdens He lifted, for joy they cry,
"Jesus from Nazareth walked by."

Dienstag, 9. Oktober 2018

Ingrids Auswahl - Ingrids Poetry (48)

My Sailing ship no 1

I own a Ship, a Sailing Ship,

Her Banners are unfurled.

Her name is Truth and Freedom.

I sail her round the World.

I like to sail from Sea to Sea

To Lands of ev'ry Clime,

And tell the People everywhere

About this Ship of mine.

Her Mast is called the Gospel

So plain to ev'ry View.

A mast that stands so bold and strong

For me! And yes, for you.

A Mast that will not bend nor break,

As Time and Storms go by.

The Gospel true restored to Man,

By Angels from on High.


Her Sails are Faith that ever wings

Towards the azured Sky.

Set out to catch the winds of Hope,

As Time and Storms go by,

Oh, let that Faith on Eagles Wings,

Take flight across the Sea,

Oh, let that Faith on Wings of Hope

Return my God to Thee.

Her steering wheel are humble prayers,

That keep the Course aright

With courage strong, and trusting Heart

To keep the Goal in Sight.

Oh, unseen Hand direct the pass

through stormy Night and Day.

Reminding onward ever more,

Be humble as you Pray.

Her Compass are the Golden Rules

Laid down since Time began.

The Lord calls them Commandments

He gave them unto Man

He wants us to be Happy

He wants us to be True

He wants us to come back to him

He loves us me and you.

Her Deck are sacred writings

Put down in holy Books

For every Plank there is a Page

Come see, come read, come look.

How great the love and wisdom?

He gave to Man below

As on the Deck of Truth and Light,

and Knowledge we may go.

A Ship must have an Anchor

One that will never fail

The Cross shall be her Anchor,

As she sets out to sail

The Anchor to rely on

as Storm and Cloud appear,

The Saviour to depend on

will banish every Fear.

You ask what is her Cargo?

within her Bow and Hold?

My Friend draw close, see for yourself

No Merchandise of Gold.

The Treasures I would choose to bring

Our Mortal Eyes can’t see.

Their names are Love and Faith and hope

Are Joy and Charity.

Had I a Wish, a single Wish, I know what it would be!

That all God’s Children round the World, would own a ship like me.