Freitag, 28. Dezember 2018

Ingrids Auswahl - Ingrids Poetry (61)


Dear Lord how could we ever

Let go of thy loving hand?

How could we begin to endeavour?

To find sweet Emmanuel's land?

The Pass here is dark and dreary.

The storm clouds hover round.

Our boat is adrift in the breakers

Our anchor torn off the ground.

                             Oft times we wonder! Is it our time to know?

How lost souls can feel whilst searching below,

Without your love there is nothing to gain

All off’lifes’s efforts, are empty and vain.

Kind Lord forgive our faltering Heart

Help us to be valiant to find a new start,

Turn your face, turn our hearts,

Far, far from our sin.

Open your arms, please let us come in.

Let us fly, let us fly back to your side.

There in your mantle of peace let us hide

Hold us close until life’s journey is through,

Let us stay, let us be ever with you.

Special Times

It was a time a special time

When Jesus Christ, our Lord, was born.

When He, Gods Son became a Man

To bring to pass Salvations Plan.

It was a time a special time

When Jesus Christ walked by the sea,

To teach Gods Love, to show the way,

And gently beckoned follow me.

It was a time a special time

When Jesus Christ on Calvary’s Hill,

Laid down his life, to ransom men,

And thus, fulfilled the Fathers will.

It is a time a special time,

When his sweet spirit fills the heart,

When deep inside we feel his love

When of his Kingdom we’re a part.

There are so many special times,

Bright diamonds of eternity.

But none so fair, as that bright light,

That leads us home our God to thee.

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