Sonntag, 28. Januar 2018

Ingrids Auswahl - Ingrids Poetry (15)

 Tourists  by Ingrid S. Skibbe  

Tourist’s from a distend sphere
Exiled to gain knowledge here.
Chimes of heaven, chains of hell
Intertwined on earth they dwell
Knowledge how we longed for it,
Experience we thronged for it’
Hammer, chisel form the stone
Of earthly choices God’s are born.

The Plan by Ingrid S. Skibbe  

Mighty all God’s preparations
To create this Place called earth.
To bestow on all his children
Joyful mortal birth.
A place for all to grow and learn
To graduate for their return
To walk by faith right to the end.
Once more to be with thee
Our God, eternal Friend.

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