Donnerstag, 7. Juni 2018

Ingrids Auswahl - Ingrids Poetry (31)


Sunrise ev'ry morning, Sunset ev'ry day,
And time on wings of lightning softly slips away
Like ripples on the water, or waves upon the sea;
The golden moments of each day - become Eternity.

And never did I stop to think nor even begin to know
The mansions of our Father are built by men below.
Mansions made of many bricks, bricks made up of time;
Fashioned by the hands of men; hands like yours and mine.

I see this house I built on earth, this house so very strange;
This house of black, grey, white and gold, in childlike ways arranged,
With skilful eye He searched to find a space this house to hold.
This mixed up house I built on earth of black, grey, white and gold.

"I go", He said, "I go ahead - a place I will prepare;
For I so long for ev'ry-one to find contentment there.
Use well your time, your time on earth - be wise my friend and know
The mansions you will find in Heaven are built by men below."

Sunrise ev'ry morning, sunset ev'ry day,
And time on wings of lightning still softly slips away
"A little longer let me stay, for Lord I long to see
My Home - a mansion of pure white - there in Eternity."

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