Montag, 29. Juli 2019

Ingrids Auswahl - Ingrids Poetry (96)


             Stumbling blocks and Stepping stones   

How do we discern, how can we know?

As we journey through-out life,

Can stumbling blocks become stepping

Stones as we conquer daily strife?

Find the names of your own stumbling blocks

Discover whatever they may be.

Fears, random phobias, jealousy

Blocks set out before you and me?

What then are stepping stones?

Stepping stones are stumbling blocks

That we by our own persistence,

Via tears, prayers, pleadings

Have brought down to a level

Where we can and may use them

As Stepping stones, overcoming,

Learning to jump high enough

To clear that stumbling block

Without falling flat on our face.

Some People, Greed, Traditions

Envy, Pride, Bad language, All ill

Trades are stumbling blocks,

Which we must overcome,

We have turned to Stepping stones,

 Whilst traveling back home.

Stranger         Ron our Border

I have walked with a stranger, we talked for a while.

And I said to him stranger why so faint is your smile?

Has the world and her trials made your heart sad?

Have family and friends all treated you bad?

Are you looking for someone, someone who would care?

Are you looking for something but don’t know where?

I have talked with this stranger, as he came round my way

Have bade him “Hallo” come inside Friend to stay,

Rest a while by the fireside, feel the warms, feel its glow,

Let me share the wisdom of a good friend I know,

He can help you. Can teach you, gladly show you the way.

Precious the hours your allotted to stay.

Many days have past, he, a stranger no more,

Precious truth he had found, noble thoughts implored.

With hope in his eyes, on his face a new smile.

I am grateful dear stranger you stayed for a while.

Now the stranger a friend, my brother has gone.

I thank God for a soul that has found his way home.

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