Montag, 22. Juli 2019

Ingrifs Auswahl - Ingrifs Poetry (93)

Sweet sanctuary

written by daughter Leah Cunha

I always seem to end up here in this sweet sanctuary,

I always seem to end up here, alone, with only me.

In this small place, so peaceful, a world that’s truly mine,

This place, this space so silent, where time’s hard to define.

Where I can think and ponder, or say a little prayer

Where I can cry in anguish, wishing you were there.

Where I can laugh at memories, or have my soul’s complaint,

Where I can lie in solitude, when I am feeling faint.

Where harmony is found, and lines are soft

Upon my wondering mind,

Where dreams take place, and hopes are made

When you I cannot find

Where seasons I see while years pass by

And new sweet songs appear

Whenever tragedies fall

Or joys are found, Yes!! I always end up here.

And where’s this place? You ask me now

Where all my secrets bloom, I tell you softly—

This small place is the sanctuary of my room.

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