Samstag, 30. Dezember 2017

Ingrids Auswahl - Ingrids Poetry (13)

The perfecting of Man           December 2017

How blessed to know the glorious plan?
The God’s had decreed for perfecting Man
For none of the Gods could do it alone
Far to great the task to bring countless
Soul --Intelligences safely back home.
Thus, three Gods united to labour as one
To fulfil their desires - The perfecting of Man.
God the Father, great Architect, Inspirator
God, Son, Creator and loving Saviour.
God, a Being of Spirit to enter each Sphere
To testify, guide - all Truth to reveal
To the Souls on Earth Gods wonderful plan
Of the ever-evolving perfecting of Man.
To all that would search for that hidden Key
Open their hearts to the Spirit- and see
That all of God’s Children in time may be
As God’s in the Realms of Eternity.

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