Donnerstag, 8. Februar 2018

Ingrids Auswahl - Ingrids Poetry (16)

Would’s thou find happiness in life    
Help other Souls to win the strife
The kindness that you will impart
In time returns to your own heart.

All I need to be (a song)

Watch the flowers that grow or the flakes of snow,
Birds on feathered wing, hear the song thy sing,
The wild oceans roar on the rocky shore,
Or the clouds that fly in endless sky.

 Chorus: now at last I see all I need to be,
Really need to be is me.
Ever searching for that sweet perfect life
While this world of ours knows but toil and strife.
Always wanting ore, much more then we need.
Driven by our lusts, haunted by our greed.
Must I win the price held by men so high,
Must I wreck my brain just to qualify?
Must I be whatever folks want me to be?
When deep down I know I’m only me!
See the stars that shine on a clear dark night,
Shells in yellow sand by the ocean’s tide,
Broun leaves in the stream gently drifting by,
While the tree ferns whisper sweet lullaby’s.
Childhood dreams have fled, I am growing old
Things I see each day make the soul feel cold.
Ever pushing on, never knowing where
When I reach the end will I like it there?
Yes, at last I see,
All I need to be really need to be is me. 

A frail and tiered face I see upon a pillow white.
An empty chair beside your bed awaits me ev’ry night.
I talk to you the same old way I used to talk before.
But I can tell the words don’t swell you heart and soul no more.
A far-off look, a silent gaze. A world I do not know,
A world I cannot comprehend, a universe unknown.
Has claimed you, maimed you, taken you.
So far, so very far. Escorted you, transported you
Beyond the farthest star, still I try to reach you
To share your quiet peace, facing helpless as a child
Alzheimer’s disease.  

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