Dienstag, 26. November 2019

Ingrids Auswahl - Ingrids Poetry (116)

Judgment Day

When men are placed beneath God's
Microscope on Judgement day.
Where all will be revealed according to his way
When fears and tears, the longings of the heart
When page by page the book of life he reads
From end to start.
When we will stand in his revealing light
Beyond the turmoil of earth bitter blight.
It's then each trembling heard will surly know
How much we failed and strayed whilst here below.
It's then we may admit it's far too late.
To enter through that fair celestial gate,
Dear God of mercy help our eyes to see,
The kind of folks we really need to be,
Teach us obedience, grant us faith and hope
Help us to pass that final test
Beneath your microscope

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