Dienstag, 27. August 2019

Ingrids Auswahl - Ingrids Poetry (101)


Here we are again, in the rain again

Even thou I pledged never, never more

By the oceans shore in a tent again in the rain.

Rain is pouring down, everything is wet

All there is to do, is to stay in bed.

Watching kits get soaked, rubber boats get smoked

What a thing to do, they were just brand new.

Watch that fireside as it slowly died, steak just half way fried

Guess I serve them rare, please do not despair,

As we try to fare in this rain.

Hear our Daniel cry, find my little frog

He just hopped away it’s a frightful shock.

For my little friend all alone to be,

When it’s wet like this in the rain.

Daddies fishing poles there just standing there

Guess the fish don’t mind, they don’t give a care

Bet there glad to know we’re just wet like them

As we wade about in the rain.

Where’s some lunch yells Lee, poor child starved like me.

Sitting on a log in the rain

But the big boss said: You just stay in bed

Have a lovely rest, for I know what’s best

Read a book or two for that sun up there

Will come shining through

And tomorrow will be no more rain.

For the past four days I have sat right here

And no longer will I patient be

I must let him know that I’m mighty sore

In a spot where I’ve not been sore before.

Husband dearie please, see me on my knees,

Have a heart and please take us home

Where it’s safe and warm, no rain, no storm?

And the mud is not up to our knees.

Please, please take us home

And I write for you a much better poem

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