Samstag, 14. Oktober 2017

Ingrids Auswahl-Ingrids Poetry (5)


Endless, endless as the sea
Is the life He gave to me.
Endless, endless as the Sky
Are the thoughts that ever fly
Fly to span both time and space
To some old familiar place.
Where the soul would never roam
That longed-for place. Our heavenly home.


To laugh, to cry-to win - to lose
To work it out-to think- to choose
A Life, sweet Life Gods chosen vice
The heat of Fire-the cold of Ice.
What brought us here? What bids us stay?
What keeps us going day by day?
Where is the hand that drew the plan?
Our stay on earth. This test for man?
Where, where is freedom, where is light?
And where the end to life’s dark night?
Where, where is love and where is peace?
When, when shall fear and sorrow cease?
Not here! But soon—so laugh-so cry
And never question where or why,
Our being here is fire beneath the ice
And life, sweet life God’s chosen vice

To shape our souls for Paradise.

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