Freitag, 20. Oktober 2017

Ingrids Auswahl - Ingrids Poetry (6)

He - by Ingrid S. Skibbe

He who does all things well
To whom we turn our grieve to tell
Will see and know the reason why
We love, we lose, we live and die.
For unto Him all things are known.
And He will safely guide us home,
Where love and Friendship have no end.
He. He our Guide, our King, our Friend.

Return - by Ingrid S. Skibbe

Too much Greed and Power rule this world of woe.
Nations lost in confusion, no longer know where to go.
Too many rules increasingly take the strength
 Of the people until their Souls break.
Where is Mankind going? Where will it all end?
When will you return, gentle Jesus our Friend?  

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