Montag, 2. Oktober 2017

Ingrids Auswahl - Ingrids Poetry (2)

"Edith" by Ingrid S. Skibbe
She is growing old, she is turning Blind.
Mumbled talk and slow of mind.
Slurring steps, faltering gait-
Time, a time just will not wait
Will not wait for rich or poor.
Boldly enters ev’ry door.
Never knocks, walks right in,
No escape, no chance to win.
Ever onward towards the Grave.
Homewards bound where she is safe.

"Better" by Ingrid S. Skibbe
The Knowledge our World has to give
Must surely have its reward.
Still! a little of heavenly revelation,
Better than man’s sophistication.

"Onward" by Ingrid S. Skibbe
Ever onward bold and brave
Oh- How sweet it is to know
The sacred gate to Heaven
lies just beyond the grave.

"Don’t tell me" by Ingrid S. Skibbe
Don’t tell me where to find heaven,
Don’t tell me where to find hell,
Just show me where to find peace.
Show me, just show me, don’t tell!
Teach me how to love my brother.
Teach me and I will embrace.
Teach me the simple ways of life.
Help me to win life’s race.
Show me the way back home.

Once more to behold his face.

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