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(2) Apostasy and Restoration by Gerd Skibbe

The outcry of Dr. Rüdiger Hauth that “Mormonism is a distinct syncretic American New Religion” thus not stand on solid ground.

Thus it is an allegation, without any evidence.

In our Dictionary the Word “ Syncretism” means a mixture of different Religious Ideologies to produce something new.

"Mormonism" is a special thing. Their roots are not in the catholic world.

See this scheme given by catholic historians:

Mormons are part of Christianity, (outside right) but not connected with the roman church:


It would be interesting to hear Dr. Hauth explain from whence and how the believes of the Latter Day Saints have been filtered from the now more then 600 different Christian Ideologies.
I feel pressed to ask: How long with today’s standing of knowledge can such a statement exist?
How long will the world insist that the wonderful and complex Carpet of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ has been assembled of the stolen bits and pieces of the teachings of other Churches?

Origen, Heretic or true Disciple of Jesus Christ?

In the years 185 to 245 there lived a man by the name of Origen, who by his labours and knowledge in regards to the teachings of Christ was esteemed to be a Judge in the early years of Christianity.
Origen (185-254) teacher in Alexandria from 203-231


"A series of attacks on him seems to have emanated from Alexandria, whether for his self-castration (a capital crime in Roman law) or for alleged heterodoxy is unknown; but at all events these fulminations were heeded only at Rome, while Palestine, Phoenicia, Arabia, and Achaia paid no attention to them.
Origen accordingly fled from Alexandria in 231–2, and made his permanent home in Caesarea in Palestine, where his friend Theoctistus was bishop.

If bishops and presbyters of the communities had a serious theological problem, then they asked Origen for an explanation.
After Orgenes had spoken was the dispute almost always settled.
No one knew the teaching of the early Church better than him.

Who even in our days finds a voice among leading Christians like Origen (185-254)? He left a portrait of events of early Christian teachings and a legacy for future Generations by which all associations and society’s will be measured. Yes! And that especially includes all ecumenical Christian Society’s.
With the following discourses we shall discover that measured against the background of the teachings of Origen all ecumenical Ideologies and believes stand on shaky ground.
In the future the name of Origen will undoubtedly find its way more and more in the forefront! In his general audience on April the 25th 2007 Pope Benedict the XVI. recommended his listeners by stating:
Pope Benedict the XVI.
I invite you to consider the teachings of the great master Origen to make them a part of your believing hearts.”

Twenty years prior to the friendly invitation of Pope Benedict the XVI. Cardinal Urs von Balthasar declares:

It is impossible to overestimate the importance of the teachings of Origen in regards to Christian beliefs.”

Some sixty years ago the catholic historian Ludwig Hertling a Member of the Society of Jesus made the following statement:

Origen was never the intention of departing from the teachings of the Church” (1) 

It means:

Origen never departed from the teachings of the Church. It was the church which departed from the teachings of Christ.

Let us take eight of the main principle of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and compar them with the ideologies of the early Church, according to the reliable records of Origen.
  1. The premortality of all living Persons
  2. The absolute untouchable right of freedom of choice.
  3. The plurality of Gods.
  4. Humans may become Gods.
  5. Redemption through the Atonement of Jesus Christ and by our own efforts.
  6. All Things where created in Spirit before the Foundation of the Earth.
  7. The necessity of on going revelation.
  8. The labour of our departed and the possibility of an eternal marriage.
All in all we find that the Church of Jesus Christ and the Teachings of Origen are in total Harmony with each other.

Granted, members of different faith, not familiar with the concepts must find some of these teachings suspicious. On the whole only few will have heard of Origen – even members and the leadership of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Between the years 550 and 850 the Roman Church has done everything in its power to distort the writings of Origens and destroy.
No one dared to mess with the mighty forces of the Emperor Justinian (487-565).
Justinian, Detail of a contemporary portrait in the Basilica of San Vitale, Ravenna.

Wikipedia : "Arianism is the theological teaching attributed to Arius ca. AD 250–336, a Christian presbyter in Alexandria, Egypt, concerning the relationship of God the Father  to the Son of God Jesus Christ. Arius asserted that the Son of God was a subordinate entity to God the Father. Deemed a heretic by the Ecumenical First Council of Nicaea of 325."

Justinian was the main enemy of the teachings of the early Church like Emperor Constantine. Justinian hated Origen like Constantine. 

Only the Ostrogoths opposed the emperor of Byzantium (Constantinopel). 
Initially pagan, the Goths were gradually converted to Arian Christianity in the course of the 4th century as a result of the missonary activity by the Gothic bishop Wulfila,  who devised an alphabet to translate the Bible.

After 375, the Ostrogoths had conquered large parts of Italy. They were tolerant and promoting peace, but they were not Athanasians as Justinian. Therefore, Emperor Justinian sent in the year 554 his armies to Italy.
Part of Justinian's wars of Reconquest

The Ostrogoths were destroyed.
Maximum extent of territories ruled by Theoderic the Great in 523

Thus the Arian church lost her power and her voice.
But the testified: "we have possessed the original Temple rites!" See here:

Edition Salbaroli, Ravenna I personally discovered 32 literal parallels to Mormon Temple rites, which I will not respond

 "Emperor Justinian had robbed them. He is a thief,
His wife Theodora holds in her right hand a temple - recommend, but she stole their "privilege", even if the Bishop hands over the certificate.

Edition Salbaroli, Ravenna

 The Arians in Germany were forcibly incorporated into the Roman Church.

1984 I travelled to Berlin to spend a day of studying at the City Library. Looking for something under the Title of early Church History. Thus I find myself strolling through the endless narrow passages between the Bookshelf’s.
My Eyes fall on a heading that reads: Dictionary for Theology and Religious Science.
(“Handwörterbuch für Theologie und Religionswissenschaft” 3. völlig neue bearbeitete Auflage Band 4, Kop-O, Mohr (Paul Siebeck) Tübingen, 1960, S. 1692-1702.)

As I took it from the Shelf the name of Origen came to mind. I knew a little about him but none of the knowledge that was just about to be forever be imprinted on my being. In Origen “Book on Prayer” I could not discover anything to fascinate me, some off it, so I thought even sounded somewhat exaggerated. And thus in my previous endeavour to read more about him I had given up in disappointment. This time however I read with fixed determination. No one could ever imagine my unspeakable joy there on Page 1696, Black on White words written so long ago, by Origen:

All logica in their premortal State where body less Spirits and as such Gods.
Which as sattelite clung to the Logos (Jesus Christ).
The role model of the Logos which himself as stated in Gen 1: 26 is a God.
His Father another (higher) God had created as many Spirits of ( human children) He in his necessary limited Providence knew to govern.
We are the Logica!”

It hit me like a bolt of Lightning.
Here as a man of 55 I remembered as the Missionaries talking to my Father of a pre-existence. I was only a child then.

Here before my very own eyes in this Origen Text by F. H. Kettler with 4 additional aspects:
  • We are Sons and Daughters of God the Father.
  • Connected by the Holy Spirit Children which clung to the Logos.
  • Thus becoming one in submission to the will of the Father.
  • It was because of the slacking of spiritual vigour and aversion of beholding Gods Glory that led to the fall of man.

Especially the wording of our slackening of spiritual vigorand tiredness of viewing Gods Glory touched the most inner part of my soul. I was only 11 years old playing in the warm sands on Zinnowitz Beach, listening to the young Missionaries as the conversed with my Father uttering the same words.
In our premortal Home we had arrived at a point where our future progression came to a hold. Tired of beholding our Fathers Glory—for we still knew no opposition. Even as Children will appreciate the comforts of Home ones they have departed from it. So we yearned to gain our own experiences. Here where congruent statements, immediately falling into place. God is concerned about our personal progress. The development of our character. Our growth towards the good not just our bigotry or piousness. But there was more, much more!
Endless Passages from the Bible, the Book of Mormon as well as other sacred writings from my beloved Church came tumbling into my mind. I read and I wrote for here right before me in a Book of the ecumenical Christendom so totally unexpected lay the complete basis of Mormonism.
There, almost unbelievable written black on white “Pure Mormonism” from the pre-existence of all Humans which belong to the Family of Adam to the unimpeachability and worth of every Human Soul. Spontaneously I cried out:
My God, Oh! my God! then Joseph Smith truly was your Prophet!”
For one thing all at ones became chrystal clear. The boy Joseph had no means of gaining all he related to the world via Books or any other means. 1830 no one knew what Arianism or Origenism contained. He Joseph however insisted that all he was commanded to do was to restore the teachings of Jesus Christ.
I had read the writings of the Apostle Thomas, the wonderful story of the Syrian song of the Pearls.
There we read of our pre-existence and of the purpose of our sojourn on earth. How our Heavenly Father sends us to Earth with the task to seek the Pearl. ( The Gospel) which hidden in the Ocean is guarded by a ferocious Monster. Much courage is needed to overcome our lack of Faith. Especially as all former recollections of our previous existence has been removed.

He ordained that we should walk by Faith. There just simply was no other way of challenging our intellect.
I thought of the many articles in the Nag-Hammadi Scriptures written in the second Century. The Time of Origen, the harmony between these writings:

Hence is the one that gains knowledge through revelation one from above. For when he is called he will answer. He will turn to the one who has called him. Because he has Gnosis ( Knowledge) to accomplish the will of him who has called him. He who has acquired such insight, knows from whence he has come. And knows where he will return. He recognises even as one that was drunken after setting his affairs in order and thus returning onto himself. Thus true Gnosis is the recognition that Humans are God related Beings.” (2)

I had to think of the verses in the book of Proverbs 8: 22 to 30

The Lord possessed me in the beginning of his way, before his works of old.
I was set up from everlasting, from the beginning, or ever the earth was.
When there were no depths, I was brought forth; when there were no fountains abounding with water.
Before the mountains were settled, before the hills was I brought forth.
While as yet he had not made the earth, nor the fields, nor the highest part of the dust of the world.
When he prepared the heavens, I was there: when he set a compass upon the face of the depth:
When he established the clouds above: when he strengthened the fountains of the deep:
When he gave to the sea his degree,that the waters should not pass his commandment: when he appointed the foundations of the earth.
Then I was by him as one brought up with him; and I was daily his delight, rejoicing always before him.”

One of the Saints favourite Hymns: I am a Child of God.

I am a child of God, and he has sent me here, has given me an earthly home, with parents kind and dear. Lead me, guide me, walk beside me, help me find the way; teach me all that I must do to live with him someday.
I am a child of God, and so my needs are great, help me to understand his words before it grows too late. : Chorus
I am a child of God, rich blessings are in store. If I but learn to do his will, I’ll live with him once more: Chorus”

It was not long after these verses appeared in our new Hymn book that our chorister Mrs. Hildegard Albrecht, a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter Day Saints, also being responsible for playing the Organ and conducting the Children’s Choir in the evangelical Church in New Buckow near Rostock. With the permission of the local Parish minister she taught and presented the Hymn to the Congregation. Later on she told of the magical effect these words had on the hearts of believing souls. Simple truth had moved them to tears.

Sadly, many dare to call good things good only if their neighbours are of the same opinion. Many of the members of our church relate the same experiences as Mrs. Hildegard Albrecht. Often our Choir would be asked to sing at the Graveside of close Family members the beautiful Hymn of “Oh my Father”, in which the second verse holds a special message.

For a wise and glorious purpose Thou hast placed me here on earth and withheld the recollection of my former friends and birth, yet oft times a secret something whispered your a stranger here, and I felt that I had wandered from a more exalted sphere.”

Years later whilst working as a representative of the CDU (Christian Democratic Union) armed with knowledge and conviction I set of for a meeting with Professor Dr. Zobel, a well known Theologian at the University of Greifswald. Our arranged meeting was to be held at the famous Castle Schwerin Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. I asked him of what his thoughts on the basic teachings of the pre-existence as taught by Origen are?
Professor Zobel was most friendly, shook his head “No!” he replied! looking at me through honest brown eyes:
we do not believe it.”
But I intervened! Origen was a conciliator, he was a very important Person, It was by him and through him that all forthcoming differences among the congregations where settled.

Again all Prof Zobel, could do was, to shake his Head. I recalled several passages from Jewish literature (3) all pointing to our premortal heritage. Insisting on the Idea that we had a premortal existence. Again and again I confronted a total lack of understanding. His “ No” spoke volumes.
The teachings of our pre-existence was banished in the middle of the sixth Century because of political reasons, by Emperor Justinian. Not necessarely because of the speculations connected with reincarnation.
The doctrine of reincarination never stood on solid ground. In the year 543 Emperor Justinian removed this ideology because he thought it to be dangerous for his own power.
Origen taught that the circumstances into which we are born whilst here on earth are directly connected to our development and attitude in our premortal state. The Idea of reincarnation is therefore invalid.
Bruce R. Mc Conkie member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints explains his objections to reincarnation as follows:
It is appointed unto man once to be born, “once to die” ( Heb. 9: 27), once to be resurrected, and thereafter to die no more.” ( Alma 11:45; 12: 18; D&C 63:49.)
Reincarnation has never been a part of Christ’s teachings. There were quasi various levels of experiments. However in this world there are no multiple birth.
There are reports of absolutely positive insights that seam to portray connections to reincarnation. If however we consider that the realm of our souls coincided next to the (material) or earthly spheres it becomes evident that we, long before being endowed with a mortal body were able to see events on earth. Astonishing too is the fact that modern Christians in regards to our pre-existence have been traced back as far as to our first Father Adam.

Albert Champdors in his work of the “Egyptian Book of the Dead” also explained as did Christians of latter generations that the elements of today’s Temple rites were practised among the Egyptians.

Should you be interested in further research look for the Egyptian Book of the Dead in you Library or see this pictures:
It becomes very evident that the ancient bearers of cultures believed in pre-existence, resurrection, washings for purification and a final judgement.
 The weighing of the heart in a relief in the temple of Hathor at Deir el-Medina. The deceased must be justified before the 42 dead judges.

Most beautifully pictured with the weighing of the heart and justification.

To keep the Commandments, shun divorce, worshipping God, honouring Father and Mother and to love your neighbour. Did you know that the Greek Philosopher Plato lived for 13 years among Egyptian Priests?
It was there he gained his insights to their teachings of the pre existence which in latter years he carried to his homeland.
In addition you may have a look at the Papyrus Prisse, which goes back about 3500 years BC.
There we read:
Be not exuberant because of riches. For it has been given to you from God. Love your neighbour as thy self, let him be your equal. It is a godly trade if a son hears the advice of his father, for he will have long live.” see Exodus 20: 12.

None of the above seams strange if we but realise that the Gospel is far older then we can even comprehend. The core of the teachings of eternal redemption, part of it the premortal existence of our spirits has been mentioned again and again because of its beauty.
500 years following our Saviours death, at the time of the East Synod of the Church. In 543 Emperor Justinian declared the doctrine of the premortal existence of man heretical. He eliminated it.

Historic writings show that in spite of severe persecutions there always remained groups of people that remained steadfast to their believes.

Among them a group by the name of Cathars. (4) 

Many witnesses have declared: That besides Origen many other early Theologians, Philosophers and Church leaders such as Justin the Martyr 100-165, Tatian ( from the second Century) Clemens of Alexandria (150 – 214 ) Gregory of Nyssa 334- 395), Synesios of Cyrene (370 – 413) Bishop of Emesa Nemesius ( 400-450) believed that the souls of humans where before the material world was created.

Their Forbearer, because of the brutal killings their Christian brethren under the command of Roman rule, escaped to live in the high cliffs of the mountains in North Italy.

See: Blog Gerd Skibbe “An important messages”

In the spirit of stern opposition we hear the text that lead to the punishment of Origen Teachings via the East Synod by Emperor Justinian the first:

If any one says or implies that the souls of man lived in the pre-existence or dares to contemplate that there were intelligences or holy beings, they are to be exiled.”

Where all that high mindedness lead the Nations of the earth is plain to see. Even in this our age of enlightenment.
Only with the teaching of our pre-existence may we understand the words (or prayer which the Apostle Paul so joyously shared with his brethren.

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ.
According as he has chosen us in him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before him in love.” (Eph1: 3+4)

Every other explanation leads to a totally inhuman result. Like for instance the one by Bishop Augustine of Hippo (354-430) who with all his speculations in regards to predestination has lead millions of believers into endless misery, the damages caused by such Ideology need to be contemplated. Augustine taught:

Only a small number of humans are chosen to have eternal bliss, the remainder are condemned because of the fall of man.”

This also was never part of the teachings of the early Church.
Prof. Hans Küng (high ranking cath. Theologian) mentions the following:

““All this oppositions stand contrary to the teachings of Origin (and Christ) for he promises Salvation to all of his children. The effect of such outlandish Ideas caused much fear. Such demonic thoughts plagued the minds of man even beyond the times of Luther s and Calvin’s reformations .For they too accepted the Idea that only a few will be favoured by God.” (5)

We should take the time to contemplate what is being said here. Christians of the middle ages that is after Augustine had to except the thought that they as individuals had no say in the matter at all. They were chosen to be redeemed or chosen to go to hell.
Above that a hell from which they would never escape.
But Augustine s teachings of predestination are no longer proclaimed by Theologians of our day.

However they still have their effect in today’s evangelical and catholic views of justification 1999:

The document is known as: “The Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification”

In the book of Mormon: Alma chapter 13 we read : That many in their premortal state were selected and foreordained because of their attitude and conduct in their first estate.
It is the foresight of God.
Which with Origenes and in our Church are the roll players?

Origen says: “ “Things do not happen because God can see them in advance.”

It is remarkable how often in the context of Origenes writings the phrase Intelligences is mentioned. This phrase also appeared much in the writings of the early Church and in our standard works, especially the Pearl of great price and in the Doctrine and Covenants of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
Such knowledge was the centre of Christian thoughts and believes.


1.)  L. Hertling “Geschichte der katholischen Kirche bis 1740” mit Imprimatur
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Nach der Lehre Adams ist jeder Mensch Adam und ist aus der Sphäre des Paradieses gefallen... Präexistenz meint, dass wir als handlungsfähige geistige Wesen schon vor unserer Geburt existierten... in dieser Vorexistenz haben wir uns alle eigenverantwortlich von Gott entfremdet... Ich denke, heute wird uns mehr und mehr bewusst, dass auch das christliche Abendland neu darüber nachdenken muss.“

- Oberrabbiner Dr. phil Kurt Wilhelm, „Jüdischer Glaube“ , 1961, S. 94:

Alle Seelen die je und je in einen jüdischen Körper eingehen werden,

so heißt es in einem Midrasch, haben am Sinai gestanden und sind

 dort in den ewigen Verbund zwischen Gott und Israael eingetreten.

Wir Juden sind also vom Sinai her beim Vater...

Wenn ein Jude im Gottesdienst zur aktiven Teilnahme an der

Vorlesung aus der Thora hinzugezogen wird, wenn er, wie der

Ausdruck lautet "aufgerufen“ wird, um über die zur Vorlesung

geöffnete Thorarolle einen Segensspruch zu sprechen, so dankt er

in diesem Segen Gott dafür, dass er "Leben der Ewigkeit in uns gepflanzt hat" , in jedem von uns als Israel: "Wir leben ewig", mit diesem Gesang gingen Juden in die Gaskammern." (2)

 - Volker Doormann PhilTalk-Philosophieforum

"Das Passah ist das Aramäische pacach (paw-sakh) und bedeutet soviel wie 'hinüber gehen'. Obwohl dieses 'Hinübergehen' in bei den Juden und bei den Christen von größter Bedeutung ist, ist die eigentliche Bedeutung den Jüdischen Gelehrten und Christlichen Theologen kaum mehr bekannt. Dieses liegt zum einen daran, dass es deren immer nur wenige waren, welche die verborgenen Symbole deuten konnten oder wollten, jene, welche sich kundig gemacht haben über den Sinn des Ganzen, aber zum anderen an der Dogmatik der Gelehrten, die äußeren Traditionen als bedeutender zu erhalten, als die originäre Bedeutung selbst und dem Unterdrücken aller Kritik.

Im Ursprung war das 'Hinübergehen' die Bedeutung des Hinübergehens des Menschen aus seinem Fleisch(lichen Körper) hinüber in die körperlose 'Welt', der Heimat der Seele. Dieses Hinübergehen ist im Buche Exodus (Shemoth) der Juden, als der 'Auszug der Seele aus dem fleischlichen Körper' in dieser Welt in das Hinübergehen in die fleischlose Welt der Seele als Parabel niedergeschrieben, aber das Thema kehrt auch in vielen anderen Geschichten der Tora als Parabel auf.

Symbolik ist eine Sprache, welche auch durch die Begriffe in den gesprochen Sprachen ausgedrückt wird. So ist das 'über den Jordan gehen' dieselbe Symbolik wie das Passah. Das Yardana, Jordon, ist im Aramäischen 'der Strom oder Fluss des Lebens'.

Abseits des Streites der Theologen kann man allein in der Aramäischen Sprache Mosaiksteine finden, für ein Bild, das es erlaubt auch das Bewusstsein der Menschen besser nachvollziehen zu können.

So bedeutet im Aramäischen 'Bit Nitupta' das 'Haus der Präexistenz', was unschwer erkennen lässt, dass die Menschen eine Präexistenz argumentierten, wovon die späteren Christen in Nicea nichts wissen wollten und einen Fluch aussprachen gegen jene, welche das weiter argumentierten.
Der Symbolik bedarf es deshalb im Verstehen des Spirituellen oder Geistigen, weil es dort nichts zu begreifen gibt, das man mit den physischen Sinnen begreifen kann, wie ein Schwert oder ein Brot oder durch datierbare historische Dokumente. Das Historische ist Analyse, aber bringt keine geistige Erkenntnis. Deshalb mussten alle Schreiber, die über das Unbeschreibliche Geistige schrieben, sich der Symbolik bedienen. Alle. Nur jene, die das Historische beschrieben, konnten das mit den Begriffen beschreiben, die in der lokalen (Mutter-)Sprache allen bekannt waren.
So haben denn auch die jüdischen Menschen, die das Epos 'Exodus' ('Shemoth') schrieben, die Parabel als Symbol verwendet, um das Hinübergehen in die fleischlose Welt der Seele (Mensch) aus seinem Fleisch(lichen Körper) hinüber in die körperlose 'Welt', in die Heimat der Seele, zu vermitteln.

Hierbei verwendeten sie für das 'Herabsteigen der Seele' aus der Heimat der Seele in einen fleischlichen (engen) Körper das Symbol 'Mitzrayim', das im Hebräischen  'Enge Orte' oder 'eingeengte Orte', 'Knast', Knechtschaft' oder 'Gefängnis' bedeutet. Das 'herab' ist ein Vektor-Begriff, der sich aus dem 'oben' des (sichtbaren) Himmels ableitet, an dem sich die sieben Lichter (sichtbare Planeten) bewegen, in welchen die Astrologen (Magier) bestimmte spezifische Qualitäten sahen die sie verehrten und in dem sie die Heimat der Seele vermuteten und sich selbst gebunden fühlten an die Erde und ihre Kraft (Schwerkraft) und den fleischlichen Körper.

Mit diesem Eingesperrtsein der Seele in einen fleischlichen Körper als Basis, ist notwendig ein Kampf verbunden, der, um den Körper zu erhalten mit dem Anderen streitet um das Brot, das Gut  oder das Land, denn der Andere muss denselben Streit üben um zu leben. Dieser Streit wird solange erhalten, wie es das fleischliche Leben gibt und die Geschichte ist voll von Kriegen, Machtkämpfen und Unterdrückung.

Die Seele hat immer Heimweh und wenn es den Streit leid ist und die Unlösbarkeit des Konfliktes mit den anderen erkennt, weil das ein offenes System ist, dann kommt das Tun und Streiten  zur Ruhe und es beginnt ein anderer 'Streit' den die Hebräer 'Yisrael' nennen. Yisrael ist der 'Begriff'  'Der, der mit Gott ringt'. Es ist die aus dem fleischlichen Körperbewusstsein erwachte Seele, welche nun darum ringt sich aus der Gefangenschaft des Körpers und der Sklaverei der weltlichen Macht zu befreien. Dieses ist symbolisiert in dem Exodus in epischer Breite und enthält viele weitere Symbole einzig um dieses 'Hinübergehen' zu beschreiben.
Erkennen tun es immer nur wenige.  "

4.) Ein Katharer im Internet
5.)  Prof. Hans Küng “Kleine Geschichte der katholischen Kirche” Berliner Taschenbuchverlag, 2002 S. 76

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